You are keen on the outdoor fire and keen on the outdoor oven but you think you will still need your BBQ? Wood Fired grilling / BBQ is one of the best in The Kiwi Outdoor Oven, grilling over coals in the fire box is easy, less mess and you get the beautiful flavor that can comes with wood fire.


Grilling over wood just makes food taste better, the difference a wood fire makes to the flavor of grilled meats, vegetables and bread will knock your socks off. Flavor can be changed when you use different types of wood, fruit trees will provide a softer flavor, manuka will be far stronger and not necessarily ideal for all food. Pine and any resin laden wood are a definite no go for food (yuck) but great for stoking up the the outdoor fire afterwards.

There is something deep in our souls that connects us to wood fired grilling, it is a lot of fun and everyone loves to be involved. 

Grill Rack

Each oven comes with a firebox grill rack.


Allow the flame to calm down to embers, place the rack in the oven and grill to your hearts content. The rack slides in and out of the oven easily with an ember rake and there is no requirement to cook with oil - perfect!

What can we Grill / BBQ?

What do you cook on the BBQ? Steak - yes, Sausages - easy, Kebabs - cook them in the oven, Bacon - yes, vegetables - cook them in the oven.

The Kiwi Outdoor Oven will cook it all! 


The ULTIMATE pizza oven! Quick to temperature - 300 degrees in 30 minutes, The Kiwi Outdoor Oven can cook up to 50 pizzas an hour.


What are some of the most important elements of smoking? Air Flow, Temperature, Smoke, Quality Meat & Flavoring. 


There is something special about an outdoor fire, everyone gathered around the heat, enjoying time together.


The Kiwi Outdoor Oven is a true outdoor cooking experience, designed to produce wood fired food that tastes better than anything you can prepare in an inside oven.